Extremely compact box for domination games and GPS tracker for in-game vehicles

  • Works as a domination compact box.

  • Using the integrated GPS you can use it a in-game vehicle tracker. All players will track it on the Ares Alpha map in real-time.

  • Using the magnets, you can attach it to your vehicle to track it on Ares Alpha map.

  • Waterproof design: use it any conditions.

  • 4G connection : Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using the integrated 4G modem. It requires a SIM card and GSM coverage.

  • Wi-Fi connection: Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using your own router or hotspot.

  • Fully integrated with Ares-Alpha free app. Check in real-time ATB status, domination zones, bomb ticking, team points, etc.

  • Online firmware updates. Constantly updates your ATB for new game modes, external modules integration, etc.

  • Offline mode. Use it offline without any connection to Internet.

  • Advanced web management interface. Use your smart phone to configure all settings.

  • Keep tracking of teams points.

  • Waterproof design. Use the box in any conditions.

  • Integrated RFID reader and tags. Use different tags to set the domination team, reset the game, or enter in Admin mode

  • Embedded rechargeable battery. Uptime for maximum 12 hours.

  • Works with 2 teams: Red and Blue.

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