VIP Transport

Use the prop as a special transport box

Available in ATB Pro and ATB Mini

Players needs to transport the ATB to the designated drop zone. Game Master can define intermediate checkpoints so players will follow a predefined route. By using the embedded GPS, players will see the distance to the next checkpoint. If the player reach the final drop zone, his team will score points.

If you use this game mode, be sure that the box has GPS signal. It it's no recommended it to use it in CQB games, since the GPS signal can be lost inside the buildings.

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer in ATBs, Game Masters can even add a more realistic experience by defining a certain sensitivity of the box. Players will have to be really careful when moving the box. If the sensor movement it's activated several times(configurable), the transport it's "destroyed" and the player team loose points.

By defining sensibility of the box, you can use this game mode without GPS signal. You cannot track if the player it's moving to the drop zone area, but the player still needs to carry the box carefully. If it drops the box, it's loosing points.


Owner team

Team who is transporting the box

Points for all zones checked

How much points will score the team if the box is in the final drop zone area.

Transport zone radius (meters)

Radius of the checkpoints and final drop zone. GPS has a resolution around 5 meters, depending on the signal strength, so be sure to define a useable radius.

Stay in the transport area (minutes)

Time to stay in the final drop zone area to score the points.

Fragile transport sensor

Enable box sensibility level. 0=Disable , 5=Very fragile

Max detected shocks to detonate

How many shocks can the box sustain. Best approach it's to play with Sensibility and Shock counter parameters to get a realistic experience for the players when they are moving the box.

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