Factory / depot points

Produce points in the factory prop and move it to the depot prop

Available in ATB Pro and ATB Mini

This game mode requires at least two ATB props. One acts as a factory points which produce the points, the other one act as a depot point.

Players needs first to gain factory dominance by using the metal buttons. After the factory start producing points for a team, players needs to use the RFID Tags to transfer the points from factory to the depot point. After the tags are unload it to the depot, the team is scoring points, ant the tags can be reused for transport.

There are 3 types of transport tags: Red, Blue and Yellow. By default the Blue tags can transport 10 points, Red tags 20 points, and Yellow tags 50 points. Game Master can set up freely how much points can be transported by each tag color before starting the game.

Depot prop doesn't belong to any team, so players from different teams can unload points to the same depot (For example, you can have 2 factories and one depot).

Factory settings


Tags points capacity by color (red / blue / yellow)

How many point can be transported by the tags (red / blue / yellow)


Teams that can use the factory prop

Conquer timer (seconds)

Time to keep pressing the button to conquer the factory if it's off.

Neutral timer (seconds)

Time to keep pressing the button to stop the factory production for the enemy teams. Total time to conquer a factory if it's already producing points for an enemy team will be Neutral Timer + Conquer Timer

Factory cooldown (seconds)

Cooldown period to load transport tags. For example if it's setup to 10 seconds, players needs to wait at least 10 seconds to load a new tag with points.

Depot prop doesn't have any settings, it's just used to score the points transported from the factory.

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