Collect Tags

Collect all the tags on the field to score points

Available in ATB Pro and ATB Mini

In this game mode, each ATB is owned by a team and its players must collect and scan all the tags on the field to score points. You should have at least one box per team, so a minimum of 2 boxes is required.

Game Master it's defining how much tags from each color needs to be collected.

Each box it's "owned" by a designated team by the Game Master. You cannot use the same box to score points for different teams.


Owner team

Team who is using this box

Points for collecting all tags

How much points will score the team if all tags are collected

Tags to collect (Blue / Red / Yellow)

How much tags from each color are on the field to be collected

Restart game code

Used by Game Master to reset the the prop to initial state (no tags collected). Points scored by teams from the previous rounds will still counts.

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