All Ares Alpha props can be used in online mode. Status, points and GPS locations will be sent to Ares Alpha servers, so all players can check the props on the app.

You can connect the prop to the internet by using a mobile subscription, or by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network.

In order to use the 4G modem you need to insert a active nano SIM in the prop slot:

Before you insert the SIM card in the prop, you need to disable the pin code.

To do this, first insert the SIM card into a mobile and follow the specific smartphone instructions to disable the pin.


Power plan

Set battery life. Default it's Optimized. Use Full mode only if you don't want the screen or buttons intensity dims after 30 seconds.


Server update

How often the prop will send data to Ares Alpha servers. Battery it's heavy influenced by this parameter

2 minutes

Local radio zone

Chose your zone for the radio mesh frequency.


Local radio channel

Radio mesh channel type. Use between 7 to 12. 7=high speed updates / low range 12=low speed updates / high range


Local radio power

Radio power (between 0=min, to 22=max)


Local pin game

If you use local radio mesh, all your props should have the same pin to communicate.


Connection mode

Props can communicate with Ares Alpha servers by using the embedded 4G Modem or a Wi-Fi wireless network

In order to use a 4G connection, you need a nano SIM, and setup the APN parameters. For a Wi-Fi connection you need to setup the name and the password of the Wi-Fi network.

4G Modem


4G APN name (only if you use 4G modem)

APN Username

4G APN username (only if you use 4G modem)

APN password

4G APN password (only if you use 4G modem)

SSID name

Wi-Fi network name (only if you use Wi-Fi network)

SSID password

Wi-Fi network password (only if you use Wi-Fi network)

Modem and GPS icons will go green if the prop it's connected to Ares Alpha servers and if the GPS is locked.

Each mobile provider has another APN parameters. More than this, depending on the mobile subscription, same provider can have different APN parameters.

Best approach it's to insert the SIM into a smpartphone, and make sure the mobile data it's working. Also you can get from the mobile phone all the APN parameters.

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