Configuration and game modes

All Ares Alpha props are fully configurable from the built-in web interface and it can be accessed from any smartphone or PC. Configuration interface it's only available if the prop is in Admin Mode.

Depending on your prop type, follow the steps below to enter Admin mode:

  1. Power on the prop.

  2. Type 846637# on the keypad to enter Admin mode.

  3. ATB will restart, and enter Admin mode. On the display you can check the prop serial number.

  4. Connect your phone/PC to the prop wireless network ares-xxxx, where xxxx it's part of the prop serial number. Wi-Fi password it's ares-alpha .

  5. Open a browser and go to

  6. After you made the changes, type again the same code on the keypad to exit Admin mode.

When players are using any keypad codes, they need to type # at the end of each code.

For example, Admin code it's 846637, but you need to type 846637#

Don't forget to press the Save button after you made the configuration changes!

The prop will restart automatically after each save. Especially after restarting the prop, you can loose the wireless connection to it. Check your phone/PC if it's still connected to the prop.

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