Serial number of the prop. Use it to register the prop on Ares Alpha website


Firmware version

Battery voltage

Shows battery voltage. If it goes under 3V, the prop will soon going to shutdown.

Battery percent

Shows battery charge percent.

Use the Upload button to update your prop with a new firmware version. First you need to download on you PC or mobile phone a new firmware version from Ares Alpha website (choose wireless firmware version). Hit the upload button an select the previously downloaded firmware. The prop will start the upgrade process and will restart after it finishes. Check the prop display to see the upgrade progress.

Firmware update it's taking around 3 minutes. Make sure the prop have enough battery.

Do not use the phone/PC during the firmware and wait patiently to finish the upgrade.

After a firmware update, all prop settings will go back to default settings, so make sure to set them up again!

Use the View or Download button to debug your prop. It will take around 3 minutes to download it so please be patience. The log it's helpful when you are facing any software or hardware issues with the prop.

We are constantly fixing bugs and add new game modes and features to the props.

Follow us on social media networks for new updates, or check Ares Alpha website.

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