Local radio mesh

Available for ATB Pro, ATB Mini and ATS.

Props can be linked together to synchronize points. For example if you have 4 ATBs in Domination mode, they can talk to each. Any player checking one of the props will see the points of the local prop as well as the total points of all props.

This radio mesh doesn't depend on the internet connection, so it can be used also in offline mode (without a SIM card or a Wi-Fi network).

Range limitations

Local radio mesh it's using the LORA communication standard so the rules for a LORA networks are applying:

  • Distance it's varying a lot depending on the terrain type. Open terrain are more friendly to radio communications than a rugged terrain with significant elevation differences.

  • Place the prop as high as possible. Also, you can place only the antenna higher, by using a cable extender.

  • A direct line of sight between props will improve range.

  • Worst scenario is a CQB game inside a building with multiple concrete rooms.

  • Also, dense forests are reducing the range.

Below are a few practical cases where the props are placed at 1.5m from the ground:

If you want to greatly extend the range you need to place the antennas (or the props themselves) as high as possible. For example if you have two props on top of two buildings with direct sight, you can reach even 3-4 km range.

Best approach it's to test the field and don't hesitate to contact us directly from support.

Each country has its own radio regulations. Please select your region in the connection settings before you are using the props.

All props must have the same local radio parameters.

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