Fully autonomous target for airsoft & paintball

  • Counts all BB’s hits, from all directions.

  • Strong construction, resistant to sniper hits. Also can be used in paintball games.

  • 4G connection : Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using the integrated 4G modem. It requires a SIM card and GSM coverage.

  • Wi-Fi mode: Connect to Ares-Alpha servers by using your own router or hotspot.

  • Fully integrated with Ares-Alpha app.

  • Local radio mesh: Connect multiple ATB’s from the same battlefield. Points from all ATBs will be synced without any online connection to the Ares Alpha servers.

  • All players can check in real-time shield level and status of the target.

  • Advanced admin interface: you can change parameters like shield level, points per hit, etc.

  • Using the magnets, you can attach it to your vehicle. Bring a new level of realism in airsoft by “destroying” vehicles.

  • Waterproof design: use it any conditions.

  • Bright RGB LEDs to view target shield and status from distance.

  • Integrated rechargeable batteries.

  • Online firmware updates for future improvements.

  • RFID reader for fast target reset and management.

  • Works with 4 teams: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.


35 × 20 × 20 cm


4 kg

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