Game settings

Depending on the prop type, you can select several game modes. Each game mode it's coming with his own parameters:

Domination Bomb Factory / Depot points VIP Transport Collect tags

Besides the above game modes, each prop can act as a GPS Tracker. For example you can stick a Minibox to a in-game vehicle and all players will track the position on Ares Alpha map!

Also, ATB Pro and ATB Mini has two more features to improve the games experience: Team extra points and Hints. These are not game modes by themselves, just features that works with any game mode you choose.

All game modes can be reset by the Game Master by either typing the Reset game code (ATB Pro / ATB Mini), or by scanning the blue Reset RFID tag (ATS / Minibox). Default it's 9999#, but it can be changed.

Admin code it's the code used to put the ATB props in configuration mode. Default it's 846637# but it can be changed.

If you changing your default Admin code, make sure you don't forget it! If you are no longer able to enter Admin mode, please contact us for assistance.

Don't forget to press Save button if you are making any changes!

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