Find the arm code and score points for your team

Available in ATB Pro and ATB Mini

Use the ATB prop as a bomb toy. One team (attack team) needs to arm the bomb be typing one or two keycodes. The other team needs to defuse the bomb by typing the defuse code(s).

If the bombs detonates, the "attack" team score points. If the "defense" team are able to defuse it, they will score the points.


Points for detonation

How many point gets the attack team if the bombs detonates

Points for defuse

How many point gets the defend team if the the bombs is defused

Bomb mode

Keyboard - One code: Use just one code per arm/defuse Keyboard - Two codes: Use two codes to fully arm the bomb, or fully defuse it.

Bomb timer (seconds)

Bomb timer in seconds

Keyboard cooldown (seconds)

Set a cooldown period for typing codes. Combined with two codes for arm/defuse you can force the players to stay a longer period around the box.

Attack/Defend teams

Select the attack and defend teams

Restart game code

Used by Game Master to reset the bomb to unarmed state. Points scored by teams from the previous rounds will still counts.

Arm bomb code 1/2

Arm code(s)

Defuse bomb code 1/2

Defuse code(s)

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