Ares Alpha platform integration

One of the strongest point of Ares Alpha props it's the fully integration with Ares Alpha platform. Players who are using Ares Alpha app, can track the props location, team points scored by props, shield level of the targets, or if a bomb prop was armed. All in real-time!

In order to link the props to the app, you need to follow the below steps:

Make sure the prop it's connected to the Internet Register the prop Link a map object with your prop Use the map in your desired game Join the prop in the game

All the steps are mandatory to correctly setup a prop in a Ares Alpha game!

Make sure the prop it's connected to the Internet

Connect the prop to the Internet by using a 4G subscription or Wi-Fi network. Follow the configuration steps from the Prop Connection section.

Register your prop on Ares Alpha website.

For ATB Pro/Mini you can find the serial number and QR code on the display by entering in Admin mode. ATS and Minibox has a sticker with the serial number and QR code.

Once the prop it's registered you can check on the website the status of your prop:

  • Last timestamp communication with the servers

  • GPS Location

  • Joined game: It the prop was joined in a game, you can see the game name.

  • Map marker: If the prop was linked with a object on the map, you can see the object name.

  • Battery: Charging battery percent

You need to wait at least 2 minutes(this is the default update period of the prop), and after refresh the webpage.

Edit an existing map or create a new one on Ares Alpha website. You can link one of your registered props with a POI, circle or a shape from the map. Select the desired object on the map, and on the right panel you can choose what props should be linked with it.

You can link multiple objects with the same prop. For example you can have a map circle which marks an area linked to a mobile domination box. The color of the circle zone will change according to the domination team. In the same time, you can link the same domination box to a POI icon, so you can track the location of the box.

Map objects behaves differently when are linked to a prop. For Circles and Shapes only the color is changing according to the prop status. For POIs, in addition to the color, the location on the map also changes based on the GPS location.

Prop game modeColor of the linked map object


Color of the team who dominates the prop


Bomb status: Light Blue: Bomb in standby Yellow: Bomb armed in step 1 (if two codes are used)

Red: Bomb it's fully armed Violet: Bomb detonated Gray: Bomb was defused Also, when a bomb it's activated, all players will see a message on Ares Alpha App

Factory points

Color of the team who produce points in the factory

VIP transport

Color of the team who owns the prop

Collect tags

Color of the team who owns the prop

Target - one team

Color associated with the shield level. From Green to Red : 100% to 0% shield. Violet for "destroyed"

Target - switch teams

Color of the team who dominates the prop

Use the map in your desired game

Setup your event and use the map that you setup before.

Join the prop in the game

Game Master who created the event needs to scan the QR code of the prop from Ares Alpha app to join it in the game. It's a mandatory step: Without it the prop will not update it's status on Ares Alpha app.

If all steps where completed, players who joined this game will be able to see the prop status and location on Ares Alpha app!

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