Target - switch teams

Change the owner of the target by hitting it with BBs

Available in ATS and ATB Pro with Target Addon

This game mode can be seen as a Domination game, but the teams who dominates the prop are changing by hitting the target with BBs. As long as the target belongs to a team, it scores points for each minute.


Full shield

How much hits are need it to "destroy" the target.

Shield auto repair (per minute)

The target can self-heal. For example, you can define that for every minute the shield will rise by 5 units until the shield is full. Use 0 to disable this feature.

Points per minute

How many points will the dominating team will get per minute


Teams who can dominate the target

Active team

Initial team who it's dominating the target. Set to neutral if no team will dominate the target initially.

Max Hits per seconds

How much hits per seconds are counting. It's used to eliminate very fast hits from automatic airsoft replicas.

Magnitude threshold

Define the target sensitivity. A lower value means a more hit-sensitive target. Change the parameter only when the target is counting hits without being hit by BBs, or not counting BBs at all.

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